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Abeling, Leigh
Aboulafia, Sol
Honors Anatomy, Science Department Chair
Alhadeff, Andy
Allen, Latasha
Resource Officer
Anderson, Mark
Social Studies, US History, AP World History Photography, Vibha, Model Arab League
Apps, Jean
Clinic (T, W, F)
Arsovan, Christina
Science, Physical Science Honors, Physics
Ashby, Chip
Custodial Staff
Aucion, Tim
Fine Arts, String Orchestra, Concert Orchestra, Philharmonia, Chamber Orchestra Fine Arts Department Chair, Concert Orchestra Club Advisor, Chamber Orchestra Club Advisor, Symphonic Orchestra Club Advisor, NHS Orchestra Site
Austin, Trixie
Baker, Evan
Mathematics, SAT Prep, Calculus AB, Advanced Math Decision Making Varsity Softball
Barr, Jennifer
Health & PE
Beasley, Fred
Professional Support, IRR
Belasco, Laura
Bhardwaj, Anu
Science, Physical Science, Physical Science Honors
Bingham, Rebecca
Science, Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry Medical Society Sponsor, Science Fair Coordinator, Project RAIN, Chemistry Club, Doctor Who Club, National Honors Society Sponsor
Biran, Sharmila
Special Services
Blue, Jacqueline
Professional Support, IRR SADD
Boatwright, Cathy
Professional Support, IRR
Bombard, Steven
Mathematics, AP Calculus BC, Accelerated Precalculus Boys Varsity Basketball Coach
Bowe, Renee
Boyd, Nikol
Assistant Principal
Braun, Linda
World Languages, Spanish 3, Spanish 4
Brogdon, Cindy
Health & PE Health and PE Department Chair
Brown, Raymond
Social Studies, US History, AP US History, Film Studies
Brownthwaite, Kalan
Social Studies, American Government, US History
Butera, Tiffany
Curriculum Director, Assistant Principal
Carrol, Ian
Career Technology, Audio Video Technology, Film
Carvell, Allyson
Cazi, Ron
Custodial Staff
Cianciola, Anthony
Health & PE Cross Country, Swimming
Clawson, Jeannette
Fine Arts, Visual Arts, Intro to Arts, Ceramics 1, Ceramics 3, Drawing & Painting 1, Drawing & Painting 2, AP Studio 2D Design Portfolio, Advanced Painting 1 National Art Honor Society Sponsor
Conroy, Haley
Language Arts, 10th Honors, 11th Regular
Copeland, Mason
Fine Arts
Cordoves, Hernan
Custodial Staff
Darling, Sarah
Language Arts, SAT Prep, 10th Regular, 10th Honors
Davenport, Chad
Social Studies, Economics Head Track Coach
Dell, Caroline
Dickerson, Kelly
Fine Arts, Band (1, 2, 3, 4), Piano 1A, Piano 1B Director of Bands and Jazz Studies
DiSano, Marisa
Special Services
Dixon, Mike
Social Studies, World History, World Issues, Sociology Social Studies Department Chair, Varsity Football Coach, Varsity Basketball Coach, Car Club Sponsor, Titan to Titan
Downey, Brian
Elliot, Vivian
Data Clerk
Evans, Meredith
Language Arts, 9th Regular
Farris, Ashley
Mathematics, Algebra 1 Support, Accelerated Precalculus
Francisse ,Catherine
World Languages, French 1, French 2 Honors, French 3 Honors, AP French World Language Department Chair, French Honors Society Sponsor
Gloede, Megan
Mathematics, Advanced Mathermatical Decision Making, Accelerated Precalculus Cheer Coach
Godbole, Radhika
World Languages, French 2, French 3, French 4, French 4 Honors, French 5 Honors
Gole, Jennifer
Mathematics, Algebra 2, Precalculus Cheer Coach
Graham, Letitia
Gray, Megan
Language Arts, 9th Regular, 10th Regular American Red Cross Club, Cheer Coach
Gregg, Sonnie
Mathematics, Accelerated Geometry, Algebra 2, Algebra 2 Support Project Darasani, Toast Masters
Hart, Megan
Language Arts, Kaleidoscope, Beta
Haslett, James
Hedden, Victoria
Mathematics, Calculus AB, Precalculus Dance Team Advisor, Junior Class Council Co-Sponsor
Hefner-Ramage, Tracy
Mathematics, Geometry Varsity Boys Tennis Coach
Henderson, Thomas
Social Studies, Us History, AP US History Anime Club Sponsor, Club WISH
Horton, Zandra
World Languages, Spanish 3 Honors, Spanish 4 Honors Northview Cancer Society, ESPN - Español Para Los Niños
Hsu, Yuyun D
Co-Bilingual Liaison
Hunter, Robert
Assistant Principal
Isaacs, Kiersten
Language Arts, 9th Honors English, 11th Regular
James, Christopher
Social Studies, AP Government, Civics
Janess, Camille
Science, Earth Systems, Physical Science Crosswalk Bible Study Club Sponsor, Dance and Step Team, Northview NaCl Chapter
Janess, Cara
Career Technology, Engineering Concepts, Foundations of Engineering, Introduction to Drafting and Design, Architectural Drawing and Design Engineering Analysis
Jarabek, Brooke
Counseling Secretary
Jordan, Josh
Language Arts, Contemporary Lit, 12th Regular Quake Crew
Joyner, Corri
School Psychologist
Kamibayashi, Matthew
Language Arts, American Literature, 10th Honors Literature
Keahey, Carol
Cafeteria Manager
Kemp, Christian
Science, AP Physics C, AP Physics 1 Chess Club Sponsor, Academic Club
Kohanim, Jordan
Language Arts, 9th Honors, Speech, 11th Honors Philosophy Club, Debate/Speech Club
Kopec, Tricia
Front Office
Kratowicz, Tom
Science, Biology, Chemistry
Kreiger, Ana
World Languages, Spanish 2, Spanish 2 Honors
Lake, Elizabeth
Language Arts, oth Honors, AP Language, Acting 1 / Fundamentals of Theatre, Advanced Drama / Production Improv Club Advisor, Mock Trial Club Advisor, International Thespian Society Sponsor, Northview Theatre Company, Gay Straight Alliance
Lee, Sunjune
ESOL Korean Culture Club Sponsor
Lee, Scott
Science, Physics, Astronomy JV Boys Soccer Coach
Lemons, Amy
Assistant Principal
Lumpkin, Robert
Science, Forensics, Chemistry
MacDonald, John
Social Studies, World History, US History
Martin, Micheal
TAG Model United Nations Sponsor, Philosophy Club Sponsor
MecCall, Stephanie
Career Technology, Princ Acct/Honors, Intro to Buisness and Technology, Work Based Learning FBLA Club Advisor, Senior Class Council Advisor, Career Technology Department Chair
McCall, Kevin
Career Technology Career Tech Department, Textbook Coordinator, Boys Lacrosse Coach, Business Manager
McCarthy, Donna
Part-Time Professional Assistant
Mclain, B. Paul
Fine Arts - Drama Improv Club Advisor, Northview Theatre Company Advisor
McClung, Alicia
School Social Worker
McCombe, John
Social Studies, World History, Economics Varsity Soccer
McCoy, Gary
Health & PE, Health, Weight Training 1, Weight Training 2, Weight Training 3, Lifetime Sports
McDaniel, Scotty
Atheletic Director
McLeroy, Rachel
Fine Arts, Visual Arts, Intro to Art, Sculpture 1, Sculpture 2, Jewelry Design 1, Photo Design 1, Photo Design 2, Photo Design 3 Enviornmental Club
Moore, Shawn
Morgan, Katie
Career Technology, Intro to Fashion Marketing, Principles of Marketing, Web Design FBLA Advisor, NHS Web Master
Morgan, Sean
Career Technology, Health Science
Morris, Denise
Custodial Staff
Muck, Iris
World Languages, German 1, Garman 2 Honors, German 3 Honors, German 4 Honors, German 5 Honors, AP German
Muller, Joann
Professional Support
Neff, Wendy
Mathematics, Geometry Support, Accelerated Geometry / Algebra 2
Niehaus, Jennifer
Mathematics, AP Statistics Math Department Chair, GHP Prep Advisor, Aid Special Citizens Club, Committed Radical Christians, Culturual Diffusion Club, FCA
O'Hara, Stephen
IRR Lacrosse Coach
Owens, Sandy
Counselor Counseling Department Chair
Parham, Kirk
Paul, Darryl
Media Center Specialist Model United Nations Sponsor
Pearson, Donnetta
IRR Track Coach
Peek, Denise
Career Technology, AP Computer Science ASTRA Sponsor, Future Educators of America Sponsor
Petrie, John
Pope, Tania
Language Arts, AP Language, Writer's Workshop, Literary Magazine Black History Committee Sponsor, Talk Girl Effect Sponsor
Post, Ron
Science, Anatomy, Biology
Powell, Donna
Quinnie, Thomas
Custodial Staff
Rawlin, Brian
Language Arts, AP Literature, Yearbook Language Arts Department Co-Chair, Student Council Advisor, Lacrosse Head Coach
Redmond, Cherryl
Reilly, Cara
Rettker, Barbara
Professional Support, Principal's Secretary
Riker, Andrea
Mathematics, Algebra Support TT, AP statistics, Accelerated Precalculus
Rodriguez, Patricia
World Languages, Spanish 2 Honors, AP Spanish National Spanish Honor Soiety Advisor, Youth Empowerment Society Sponsor, 121 Reach Sponsor, Making a Difference, Habitat for Humanity, Key Club
Rogers, Laurie
Science, AP Enviornmental Science, Honors Chemistry Enviornmental Brigade Sponsor, HOSA Sponsor, Kaleidoscope Sponsor, Make-a-Wish Sponsor
Rogman, Stephanie
Science, Honors Biology, Biology
Rucker, Drew
Resource Officer
Sather, Laura
Professional Support
Schmidt, Amanda
Mathematics, Algebra 1, Geometry, Geometry Support TT
Sender, Donagh
Professional Support
Silver, Lincoln
Social Studies, AP Micronomics, Economics
Simonsen, Rebecca
Science, Honors Biology, AP Biology
Stadler, Ryan
World Languages
Stanhope, Brenda
Professional, Support
Stone, Brian
Mathematics, Accelerated Algebra 1, Geometry, Accelerated Precalculus Math Team Advisor, GHP Advisor
Sun, Xuefei
World Languages, Chinese 1, Chinese 2, Chinese 2 Honors
Talbert, Odette
Professional Support Athletic Secretary
Thompson, Kathryn
IRR Junior Class Council Advisor, Go Green Team (Recycling) Sponsor
Thomson, James
Head Varsity Football Coach
Ulrich, Ashley
Language Arts, 9th Honors, 10th Honors, AP Language Language Arts Department Co-Chair, Debate Coach
Walker, Susan
Assistant Principal
Weatherford, Cindy
Special Services
Whitehurst, Elizabeth
Professional Support
Whitlatch, Diane
Wilkens, Aaron
Language Arts, 10th Regular Varsity Baseball
Wilson, Monica
World Languages, Spanish 3, Spanish 3 Honors
Wong, Mel
Professional Support, Virtual Lab Para
Yarborough, Chris
Language Arts. 10th Literature Messenger, Sports Journalism
Yard, Ryan
Technology Specialist
Yashina, Yelena
ESOL Korean Club Advisor
Yi, Joy
Special Services
Zavlanos, Stephanie
Social Studies, AP Government and Politics, World History, American Government Jewish Student Union Sponsor
Zou, Lily
World Languages, Chinese 3, Chinese 3 Honors, Chinese 4, Chinese 4 Honors, AP Chinese