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Brian Stone
Megan Gloede

Varsity and Junior Varsity

The Varsity and Junior Varsity Math Teams compete in various Tournaments. The big competition is the North Fulton County Tournament. Each member participates, earning an individual score as well as contributing points for the team score. The Tournaments usually consist of an individual test, and a ciphering portion, a challenging round of timed, calculator-less questions. Members are competitive, yet also enjoy helping each other figure out challenging math problems.

Congratulations to the Northview Math Team on their convincing victory at the GCTM State Mathematics Tournament held in Macon, GA this past Saturday.


Team members were:


Woo Jae Kim (14th overall)

Oxford Wang (11th overall)

Alice Lin (7th overall)

Rickie Jang (6th overall)


This is Northview’s 3rd victory at the tournament in the last 5 years. Way to go, Mathletes!

Requirements for membership 
Varsity: enrolled in Pre Calculus or higher 
Junior Varsity: enrolled in Algebra II

Dues: none, miscellaneous expenses as needed

Varsity & Junior Varsity Math Teams competition March 16, 2004 
North Fulton County Math Tournament / Riverwood High School

2006 Cobb Invitational 
Congratulations Varsity and JV - 4th Place!